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lunes, 28 de junio de 2021

I do not believe in the Bible, I believe in my word. No creo en la Biblia, creo en mi palabra.


The slanderer slanders because it is in his or in her nature.

This is an extract from my publication in Spanish regarding this issue, I clarify that I do not believe in the Bible, but I believe in my word.

Title: Satan falsely accuses Saint Paul of being Satan and wants to pass for saint, and that will not go unpunished, his slander will not go unpunished! “

“The conversion of Saul – do you think that those terrible antecedents of which the apostle Paul is accused are true?” … “Saint Paul is accused of being a persecutor of innocents, a Satan” …. ” Saint Paul could not be a beast full of acts of evil and then be a just man, that contradicts the prophecy that is very clear and explicit in that sense: Daniel 12:10 Many will be clean, and made white and purified; the wicked will act wickedly , and none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand. ”

If you want to know more learn Spanish, the translator program has its limitations, if you translate the url of the publication it is very possible that translation errors will be made, also the translator cannot translate the texts in the clarifying images!
You can find the publication in Spanish here:

Justice in exchange for money?, Do you want to get rich on the back of my search for justice?, The justice you offer is not even true justice, but my justice is true justice which will ruin your business!.

No more lies !


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Jeremias 23 29 mi palabra es como martillo que destruye fortalezas

adios monos imbeciles


^^ vrserie003

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