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domingo, 11 de julio de 2021

Daniel 7:25-26 Explanation - End times


It is even more satisfiying when you know that there is a human woman for you, so that a female ape is not your fate and all you have to do is to survive in order to find her and protect her: the human female.

Daniel 7:25-26 Explanation – End times

 Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time, and times, and the dividing of time. 26 But the court shall sit in judgement,  

and his dominion shall be taken away,   to be consumed and destroyed to the end.

This is a sample of the content in the files:

, sample which was translated from Spanish, my native languague (I translated this to help my like-minded around the world, who «by chance» may find this while «swimming» of «the sea» of the Internet) – if you are interested I suggest  you to learn Spanish because sometimes online translations are terrible, if you learn Spanish you will have the advantage of understanding my say in my videos and audios, audios is what captions generators or programmed translators put to words or translate the worst

… :

They have kidnapped me and accused me of [being] something that I am not, and never was:

 a schizophrenic, that happened in 1998, [at that time around my life] there was a woman named Sandra Bazán, who did not let me sleep, [she] called day and night, especially at dawn, while I lived in «El Rímac» [my paternal aunt’s house, the place where I lived], I told [my] aunt Lupe that I knew who it was [the person who called and hung up only when she heard my voice, while she said no words at all] because that person every time she heard my voice [and only after that] hung up the phone, [and she did it] not without first making noises with the keys, and that’s the same thing she did [in 1996 when I lived in the house of my maternal grandmother: Elena Carrión], when Sandra Bazán harassed me when I was [in a romantic relationship] with Mónica [Huancahuari], a woman a year older than me to whom I was faithful, the story is very long [and difficult to narrate], the point is that I read the Bible looking for answers [to the harassment of Sandra Bazán ], and this is how I stopped being a Catholic [after reading the Bible more than I did before, particularly after reading Exodus 20], [around those days]

This is not part of the file but to give you a better idea of the events I do add this here:

These were the words that I said to defend myself from Sandra’s slander moments before I began to be beaten by three male criminal friends of Sandra, but my friend Johan Mendez, who was close by, came to help me (Daniel 10:13), thus I was able to get up from the floor and the two brave men fought against the three coward men, I don’t know where my friend is now, in those years neither he nor I knew the truth, perhaps he already knows it as I know it:

«I my letter I ask Sandra: «What do you want for me?, Why do you call me?, how can that mean that I am the stalker?» –



I have not found any adult person who understands me, but that does not make me doubt that there are people who can understand me, that is why I continue with this project.


I repeat: I have not found any adult person who understands me, (I feel alone …
… alone in the brigde)


… but that does not make me doubt that there are people who can understand me, that is why I continue with this project.
In the planet of the apes tale, Taylor knew he was not the only human beign among those beasts.

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