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viernes, 30 de julio de 2021

I can imagine the idiots looking for the marbles, hahahahaha


The scientist who did not stop despite the ridicule of the ignorant.

Fictional story: A group of plastic bottle recyclers made fun of another supposed plastic bottle recycler in a town where 90% of people recycled empty plastic bottles, they always saw him return with the same empty sack, while all of them at least returned with the sack half filled, the recyclers said to each other: «That guy is a failure!». What they did not know is that this man was an infiltrated recycler, he was not a recycler with limited economic resources, but a discreet middle-class scientist with privileged knowledge of chemistry and physics who did not look for plastic bottles but, through a sophisticated instrument that he himself made, he was looking for marbles of a very scarce and highly valued metal, only by finding a single marble of that metal that man would become a billionaire overnight, something that those who made fun of his apparent road to failure they could never achieve even though they return from their collection each day with their sacks full of empty plastic bottles.
Then the moment came and the scientist found several marbles, he left townsold them and became a billionairethose recyclers never saw him again.

I hope someone else who has read this has understood why I narrated this.

(I can imagine the idiots looking for the marbleshahahahaha) +



Isaiah 47:11 An evil will come upon you that you cannot prevent with spells.
A ruin will fall upon you that you cannot avoid with ransom. Suddenly a devastation will come upon you that you cannot imagine.
Psalms 18:40 Jehovah, you have also made my enemies turn their backs to me, that I might cut off them that hate me.


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