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martes, 27 de julio de 2021

"there were only five digital electronics technicians"


The microwave oven and the digital electronics course.

This is a fictional story:
In a small town there were only five digital electronics technicians, they were the ones who people trusted in to repair their equipment, one day a man broke down a microwave oven, when he went to quote the repair where each of the five technicians, all of them told him that the repair cost would be around 70% of the price of the device due, according to them, to the need to buy spare parts, that man then put the microwave oven in a box and decided to move to the capital city of his country to study digital electronics. After three years of studies he returned and examined the microwave oven that he had stored in a box, and discovered that the repair of his oven did not need to buy any spare parts, he understood then that those bad technicians were taking advantage of the ignorance of the folks on digital electronics mattersa matter whose ignorance is not so quick to get out of.
Do you understand why I narrated this story?


Isaiah 47:11 An evil will come upon you that you cannot prevent with spells.
A ruin will fall upon you that you cannot avoid with ransom. Suddenly a devastation will come upon you that you cannot imagine.
Psalms 18:40 Jehovah, you have also made my enemies turn their backs to me, that I might cut off them that hate me.


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