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martes, 17 de agosto de 2021

You also deceived them, you even deceived me (Rev. 13:7), but your success was only for a while (Matt. 24:24)

I said it was just a matter of time (Daniel 12:7)

Monday, August 16, 2021

 Reminder: Jesus will not return like that and he was not like that long haired man, neither he dressed like him, neither he will request the worship for himself, do not be deceived!

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Michael: “I never said it was impossible to defeat you, Satan!

(I never said:  “Who is as powerful as the beast?, Who can make war against it? (and you said: “Yeah, who is like me?”” (Revelation 13:4)), but I said :”No, Satan, but who is like unto Jehovah?”,and now I tell you: “your deceith was not impossible to uncover, while I wanted your fears come true, you were afraid to be discovered, and walá: your fears came true (Proverbs 10:24). And now I tell people who you are and what the Bible is.”

Satan's bad advise

“Yes, I tell them, I tell them who you really are,

the writting is on the wall - Daniel 5 5 forecasts Daniel 8 25 (now)

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“I tell them the truth about your deceith you say through your messengers, and the truth will set free some of them, some people will be released (Daniel 12:1-3, Proverbs 11:9), but to show you my “love” for my enemy (I am mocking of you), you can keep with you the rest of people (2 Thessalonians 2:11), yes, those who can never be released through the truth are for you, you can do with them what you want (Isaiah 6:9-10), while Jehovah keeps safe the rest of them for himself (Proverbs 16:4, Isaiah 11:13, Proverbs 19:14, Genesis 2:4, Psalms 118:20), for Jehovah, by having me, his loyal friend, use the words of Jehovah (Isaiah 11:1-4).”

“You also deceived them,  you even deceived me (Rev. 13:7), but your success was only for a while (Matt. 24:24)., I do not forgive you for having deceived the righteous people, that ‘s why I am celebrating your ruin:”

la verdad destruye el fraude

“I said it was just a matter of time (Daniel 12:7)”

Luke 17 29-30 Lucas 17 as days of Lot - como en los dias de Lot


“Did you also expect a welcome greeting from me, Satan? I remind you that not all of us bear the mark of the beast or worship your image, not all of us consider you” the savior “, you cannot save yourself from the wrath of my god Jehovah, an anger shared with me. (Revelation 19:15-16) “
“There is a place for your head, Satan: it is the hell!”


If a pit bull could speak, it would say this:

“The gossips say that I am dangerous, because I am of a breed of dog that can attack suddenly to maim and kill, is there evidence? Look at my snout, do you think it is a threat?”

«I have equal or more rights to walk on the sidewalks without a muzzle or run through the parks without a muzzle than children, my owners will agree with me if you ask them! They empathize with me! they consider me part of their family! “

«The muzzle makes me uncomfortable, I want to walk without a muzzle, don’t you agree? You mess with me, you mess with my owners, you mess with my owners, you mess with me because they feed me, otherwise they themselves become my food, I do not speak but my owners are my representatives, they serve me and they even are in charge of my shit, although sometimes other people are, with their taxes »

Meme anti dangerous dogs - anti pit bull

“Revelation 22:15 Outside are the dogs ….”



The Cross and the Apocalypse - What is the meaning of the cross - This is the meaning of the cross

When the hunter has to hunt to feed himself


^^ vrserie003

Videos para ver recomendados / Suggested to watch videos:

«Ataque anti dragón marino» – Isaías 51:9 ¿No eres tú el que atravesó al dragón?

Explicación a la parábola de la red // the parable of the net – explanation +


El culto al Sol – Luis Toro miente, la iglesia católica miente, no adora al Dios verdadero! –


Y hay algo más que decir, hay algo más que agregar:

«Muñeca», como te dije en mi anterior post: «baila con el ganador«!

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